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In the spirit of Jacques Cousteau your school group will sail these emerald  waters while exploring regions such as the Tongue of the Ocean, the Bahamas Bank and The Coral Gardens of Exuma.  Under the guidance of a professional marine biologist, students are inspired to positively change our ocean world. The ocean covers more than 70% of Earth’s surface and contains nearly 99% of the planet’s available living space and is being negatively impacted on an annual basis.  It’s time to seed a revolution of change by encouraging the next generation of Cousteau like scientists.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 • Arrive in Nassau, Bahamas and go Sailing

Sail from Miami to the Bimini Chain of Islands where you clear customs into the Bahamas.  We will cross the Gulf Stream on our way to Bimini and learn first hand how to sail a large sailing vessel.

Day 2 • Snorkel the Bimini Chain

On your first morning aboard the vessel let the snorkeling begin! As you sail and dive the Bimini Chain to its southernmost island of Orange Cay, we stop at sites such as Bull Run. Here you will spearfish as well as catch your own lobster and stone crabs. In the late afternoon you will enjoy the sunset while grilling your bounty from the sea.

Day 3 • Snorkeling Dive Nodules Wall

Today you will take your first snorkel at the Nodules Wall. This coral edge drops down several hundred feet and is a good area to look for large marine life such as loggerhead sea turtles, sailfish, and white tipped sharks. Later you will head to Rainbow Valley at Victory Reef, just to name a few of the abundant choices.

Day 4 • Santaren Channel

Today you will continue south along the edge of the Grand Bahama Bank deep into Santaren Channel. You can snorkel over sites such as Freedom Reef, Lost Pigeon Reef, Longbow, Lost Medallion, Mad Cow Reef and Do It Again. Here you will explore untouched remote cays that offer a splendid assortment of marine life. Along with our marine biologist you will study symbiotic relationships that are found in this ecosystem.

Day 5 • The Tongue of The Ocean

Today you head to the famous area of the Bahamas known as the Tongue of The Ocean, where there are thousand foot drops off into pristine blue water. Several pods of playful Spotted dolphins call this area home and frequently join you for extended snorkeling encounters. Here you will explore reef ledges and learn about ocean currents and their importance to the marine ecosystem.

Day 6 • High speed Sail back to Mainland

In the morning you will take a high-speed sail back to Miami. Students will learn about tacking, a sail maneuvering and again more on how to operate a large sailboat. Late afternoon, you will volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Miami that aids in rescued or sick animals.

Day 7 • The Journey Home

After some souvenir shopping, you will begin your journey home.

• Please be aware snorkel sites due to change based upon availability and weather.

• Itinerary subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control including availability with vendors, weather conditions and flight schedules.


  • Explore remote coral islands with a marine biologist
  • Learn navigation and sailing while aboard a seaworthy vessel
  • Study coral growth and negative impacts on the reef
  • Collect your own seafood dinner from lobster to grouper
  • Explore the Tongue of the Ocean
  • Snorkel with large marine life such as sea turtles, dolphins and nurse sharks


Qualified trip leader – Accompanying each expedition is a diverse team of experts from naturalists to regional specialists who will share their knowledge and insights on the wildlife, landscapes and local culture. Your guide is with the group 24/7 and also staying with you at the same hotel
Daily reflections lead by your tour leader
Overnight stays are in hotels with private bathrooms rated 4 star or more on Trip Advisor
All Meals are included but please note: On arrival day only dinner is provided; on departure day, only breakfast is provided
Tour Journal, T-shirt and Luggage tag
Note: Tour cost does not include airline-imposed baggage fees, or fees for any required passport or visa. Please visit our Fees FAQ page for a full list of items that may not be included in the cost of your tour.