What actions are we taking to help with traveler safety?
Our programs have been modified to create more outdoor experiences and less indoor. Group activities are more privatized with less exposure to the general public in certain conditions. Vendors used for our programs have confirmed action plans in place to reduce the spread of viruses at their facilities that include social distancing and disinfecting measures. We are encouraging travelers to bring hand sanitizer and consider the use of a facemask until COVID-19 cases are dramatically reduced. Our tour directors will carry extra hand sanitizer and disposable masks for those who need it.

What if a student gets sick while traveling?
If a traveler has symptoms of COVID-19, they will be taken to medical care professionals for assistance and possible testing. There will be an emphasis on isolating the traveler to not expose others to a potential virus. Their emergency contact person will be contacted as is standard policy when a traveler gets professional medical care during a trip. The traveler will remain isolated from the group until it is known the traveler does not have COVID-19.

What refund will I get if I need to cancel?
If you aren’t able to attend a modified trip, refunds may apply based on date of cancellation and other factors. Due to the number of refunds being processed at this time, we ask for your patience regarding the timing of your refund, which will be received no later than 4-6 weeks.

How are you making decisions to cancel or modify a trip?
Our team is currently monitoring the CDC’s guidelines as well as federal and state government mandates and recommendations. If a modification is necessary, we will contact the group leader to discuss the options such as postponing the trip to a later date or changing the program destination.

What if I’m concerned about traveling and don’t want to send in any more payments until I feel comfortable to do so?
Late fees have been waived for the month of April, but will resume starting in May. You will be required to make payments according to your payment schedule when a trip remains active. This is important to the booking requirements needed to plan the trip such as with accommodations, transportation and activities. We are seeing a strong desire from people wanting to travel again as the quarantines are lifted. Paying for your trip as scheduled will help us make the necessary arrangements in a timely manner to ensure the trip will go as planned.