Themed trips are built around a particular time period, historical event, author’s works and life, science objective or any other interest that might attract a group of people. These themed trips are meant to be fun, adventurous and geared to inspire that “Aha” moment when travelers discover a deeper passion and purpose for their life.

Learning in New Environments

New environments can enhance the knowledge of travelers by introducing them to places and things that will engage multiple senses (touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste). Studies show that when more senses are engaged, the better we learn. We want travelers to be able to retain the information they learn in order to promote their future development.

Bringing Service Into the Picture

Service-learning is a proven educational teaching method that enriches the learning process by engaging in real-life experiences that provide assistance to people and/or environments. Research suggests that people who participate in service-learning activities are inclined to demonstrate:

  • An ongoing excelling performance on tests
  • Higher levels of self-esteem
  • An individual sense of purpose
  • More connection with their community
  • Greater interest in graduating high school and college