TRIP LENGTH: 7 DAYS (*Starting at $1250)

Itinerary can be customized to fit within your time frame or budgetary needs

Appleseed Expeditions’ service trip to Costa Rica offers your family travel combined with service that can transform our global communities.  Travelers and explorers will be inspired to use their talents and gifts to make a difference in our global community.  You will be immersed in the Latin culture while learning about endemic rain forest habitats. Your family will visit some of the local shops and take in the local flavor before dinner.  It is our hope that this fantastic journey will shape the lives of travelers while on this magnificent family adventure to Costa Rica to become leaders who fight against social injustice and promote global conservation.

(*Does not include airfare. Please contact our office for price including airfare)

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival – San Jose, Costa Rica

Once you pass through customs and immigration upon your arrival, you will meet your Appleseed Expeditions guide and take a bus to the hotel. Your family will be able to visit some local shops and experience the local flare, if time permits.  After dinner a trip orientation will conclude the day.

Day 2 – Visit Zarcero ● Hike El Silencio Trail

First stop today will be in Zarcero. Zarcero, perched on the edge of the Central Valley in the San Jose Highlands is one of the most picturesque settlements in the Alajuela province. You will visit the garden of ‘Parque Francisco Alvarado’  standing in front of the beautiful cottage style church, San Rafael, and offering a series of vibrant shrubbery, sculptured and clipped into whimsical shapes. The well-manicured shrubs in the park are fashioned as dinosaurs, helicopters, airplanes, dancers and oxcarts. Your family will enjoy lunch in Zarcero. Next, your family will arrive at El Silencio Mirador, which is a vast 555-acre nature reserve, located 7 miles from La Fortuna.  Travelers can search for tropical creatures and enjoy fantastic views of the Arenal Volcano. The Volcano is no longer an active volcano, entering into its resting phase in 2010.  The reserve has over 250 acres of primary rainforest, much of which includes old growth trees such as the Ceiba, the Trumpet Tree, and the Guarumo. There is a network of hiking trails that wind through much of this land. While immersed in the rainforest,  You won’t want to miss the incredible views of the volcano and accompanying hillsides from the mirador (Spanish for “lookout”).  Your journey for the day will end in La Fortuna.

Day 3 – Serve at La Fortuna School ● Visit Hot Springs

Once you have finished breakfast, your family will  head over to a school in La Fortuna where you will interact with local students.  Travelers and students will  work on various projects such as painting, light construction, gardening, and cleaning.  You will enjoy lunch, after which your group will return to the school to continue projects and spend more time with students and faculty. The hot springs thermal mineral hot water pools that flow naturally from the base of the Arenal Volcano will be a relaxing end to an awesome day.

Day 4 – School Service ● La Fortuna Waterfall

After breakfast, your group will return to the school to finish projects and say goodbyes. Put on your hiking boots.  You will head over to the La Fortuna Waterfall right after lunch in town.   The waterfall can be accessed by hiking the trail that runs through the rainforest, where you will have the opportunity to spot toucans, monkeys, and other tropical creatures. The La Fortuna Waterfall emerges from dense jungle greenery before plummeting some 230 feet into an emerald pool below where travelers can cool off and enjoy the mist and the clear, cool, fresh waterhole. After dinner you will enjoy a time of reflection on the days’ adventure.

 Day 5 – Tour and Assist at Don Juan’s Local Organic Farm

Today,  you and your family will experience hands-on harvesting of vegetables for lunch on your visit to Don Juan’s Organic Farm.   Travelers will also get a chance to sample juice that they have pressed from locally grown sugar cane. After lunch,  you will stop in Sarchi on your return to the San Jose area for shopping and dinner.

Day 6 – Poás Volcano Park ● Visit Local Coffee Plantation

A trip to Costa Rica would not be complete without a journey to Poás Volcano National Park. One of the most visited national parks, Poás Volcano is one of the major attractions in the Central Valley region and the largest active crater in the world.  When the mist and clouds part you’ll see the sulfuric, bubbling, green rain fed lake at the bottom, surrounded by smoke and steam rising from fumaroles. Water from the lake is constantly seeping through cracks in the hot rock, evaporating and building pockets of steam. Geysers may shoot as much as 820′ into the air.  Many cloud forest birds including hummingbirds, tanagers, flycatchers, toucanets, Costa Rica’s national bird the clay-colored robin, and the area’s most famous avian resident, the resplendent quetzal call Poás home. If you want more information on the geothermal and ecological attractions in the park, there is also a visitor’s center, including gift shop and a small museum where you can learn more about this fascinating area.  After Poás, you and you family will head over to a coffee plantation stopping for lunch along the way.  At the coffee plantation you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about coffee and how it is grown, harvested, dried and produced.  A pizza pool party will round off the week where your family and guide can spend time reflecting on the weeks activities.

 Day 7 – Head Home

Your family may shop near Alajuela if time permits, and then fly home.

(Optional Days)

Optional activities you can add to your trip include:

  • Take a Zip-line Adventure
  • Go White Water Rafting
  • Trip to Tortuga Island for Catamaran Snorkeling
  • Adventure to Manuel Antonio Rainforest
  • Visit ASIS Wildlife Refuge Center and Volunteer
  • Visiting the Organization of Tropical Studies
  • Visit Monteverde – The Bridges in the Sky
  • Take in Nicoya Peninsula and Study Sea Turtles
  • Visiting Tortuguero

Itinerary subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control including availability with vendors, weather conditions and flight schedules.


  • Immerse yourself in a tropical rainforest
  • Visit Poás Volcano and hike in a Cloud Forest
  • Volunteer at a local school in La Fortuna
  • Tour an Don Juan’s organic farm and coffee plantation
  • Dip in the thermal hot springs near Arenal Volcano
  • Hike down to La Fortuna Waterfall and enjoy the mist


Qualified trip leader – Accompanying each expedition is a diverse team of experts from naturalists to regional specialists who will share their knowledge and insights on the wildlife, landscapes and local culture. Your guide is with the group 24/7 and also staying with you at the same hotel
Daily reflections lead by your tour leader
Overnight stays are in hotels with private bathrooms rated 4 star or more on Trip Advisor
All meals are included but please note: On arrival day only dinner is provided; on departure day, only breakfast is provided
Tour Journal, T-shirt and Luggage tag
Note: Tour cost does not include airline-imposed baggage fees, or fees for any required passport or visa.