Jody Chance

Service-Learning Leader


I grew up as the kid with a million questions. Why? Where? How? It was that curiosity that drove me to travel, learn new cultures, dive into new languages, and eventually live overseas. I’ve seen 45 of the 50 great states and can tell you I’ve truly experienced the vast array of differences of this great nation.

As I grew in those experiences, my heart grew for people in need. I was taught from a young age that my life was not about me; that my purpose on Earth was to love, respect, and serve others well.

In high school & college I had the opportunity to travel to many places, both domestic and abroad, to serve those in need. I loved it so much that I began guiding groups, ranging from Washington, DC to the Florida Keys, Chicago to L.A., and Puerto Rico to Mexico. I’ve been guiding groups now for nearly 10 years, and I love walking with others through new experiences and opportunities for learning, growth, and maturity.

So years ago I made a leap of faith to move to the Dominican Republic. After a year in the DR, I returned to the states for a short time to further my education and earned a Master’s in Public Administration. As soon as I graduated, I moved back to the DR and I’ve been here ever since serving alongside my amazing wife Perla.