School Language and Culture Trips

Service-learning and language are powerful, hands-on teaching and learning strategies that integrate meaningful service and classroom content. The process creates authentic cultural and language learning opportunities while serving families and children abroad. Our school language and culture trips are designed to inspire students to make a positive impact on communities around the world by getting them personally involved in service through the use of language and by learning about cultures from other countries. We teach students how the mastering of a specific language can provide a bridge to help other global cultures in need. As part of a quality language class trip experience, students will be educated about social, political, and environmental issues and learn how to incorporate their language skills to improve conditions for people and environments.

What a Service-Learning Language Trip Looks Like

These school language tours abroad provide an unforgettable and unique cultural and educational experience in fascinating and historic locations. To make the most of school language trips, students use their new language skills to mentor, translate, and help care for children, orphans, and a variety of people in need. After an immersion in language classes, dances, and other cultural experiences, students will then teach English to local orphaned children or partake in a school immersion program in the local community.


The Benefits of Language and Service Trips Abroad

The cognitive benefits that stem from language service-learning are quite extensive. Research suggests that students who are engaged in positive service-learning responsibilities are inclined to:

  • Demonstrate an ongoing excelling performance on tests
  • Demonstrate higher levels of self-esteem
  • Demonstrate an individual sense of purpose
  • Demonstrate a greater connection with their community
  • Demonstrate a greater interest in graduating high school and college