School Science Trips

The purpose of an educational school science trip is to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities, such as going to a state park, traveling on a science trip abroad, or visiting the local science museum. The aim of this type of trip is for high school or middle school students to observe ecosystems in their natural state and highlight a student’s in class learning material. Through our unique science service-learning programs we can link scientific study with the practical experience of community service and cultural immersion in a foreign country or at home. Our high school and middle school science trips aim to develop a lifelong interest in science, nature, and the environment. We hope they will also promote an understanding of local environmental issues, and inspire a lifelong calling to use science as a way to leave a positive impact on global communities.

Classroom Applications in Field-Science

Expanding beyond the encumbrance of a traditional classroom setting, we at Appleseed Expeditions have made our science service-learning agendas custom to educating students about the geology, flora, and fauna of exclusive regions. Your school science-learning group will participate in direct scientific study. Our scientific sites of choice include national parks, bio-reserves, and science labs – all of which are available to teach students about biodiversity and scientific cycles of natural, terrestrial, aquatic, and artificial ecosystems. The participating student science group will also have plenty of opportunities to involve themselves with community service experiences, proactive volunteering, and the mediation of social injustice issues.

Science and the Environment

Biology or earth sciences programs can include study of the rainforests, volcanoes,migrations, rural land use, and much more. Our destinations feature biodiversity, ecology, and conservation, and introduce students and adults to a wealth of species and ecosystems.

Nature and Wildlife

Are you looking for environmental volunteer work, or to get involved in sustainable projects that help repair our fragile planet? Blend travel and immersion in nature and observations of the planet’s wildlife with practical work on environmental projects and endangered species conservation.

Science Service Learning Trips

School science trips through Appleseed Expeditions offer a considerable amount of science service projects to choose from. During a school science trip your students can either become engaged in learning how to use science to benefit impoverished child populations and unfortunate habitat conditions for endangered species, or learning how to actively preserve and restore natural or ecological environments. Our school science trips are extensive in nature and allow each student learner to connect with a community in some manner.

Benefits of Student Science Trips that Incorporate Service

The cognitive benefits that stem from science service-learning are quite extensive. Research suggests that students who are civically engaged in positive service-learning responsibilities are inclined to:
  • Demonstrate an ongoing excelling performance on tests
  • Demonstrate higher levels of self-esteem
  • Demonstrate an individual sense of purpose
  • Demonstrate a greater connection with their community
  • Demonstrate a greater interest in graduating high school and college