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Through our service-learning programs, students are educated about our environments and how they can make a positive impact using their own knowledge and skills to make our world a better place.

We take directional steps to teach students that they have a gift to give to the world through their education, talents, and passions. Our approach empowers students by getting them personally involved so they can experience the positive effect they can make.



To inspire students through travel to create positive change in the world around them by using their education, talents, and passions!

Our Process

  1. Introduce students to different cultures and ecosystems.

  2. Teach students about the needs of communities and environments.

  3. Get students personally involved in positive change using their education and skills.

  4. Reflect on the day’s events through sharing experiences on how they made a difference, what it took to do it, and how they felt afterwards.

  5. Share ideas on how they can make positive changes back at home by discussing what the needs are and how they can help.


Welcome to Appleseed Expeditions: Igniting Curiosity, Inspiring Change

Explore, Learn, Impact

At Appleseed Expeditions, we redefine student travel. Our journeys are more than trips; they're transformative experiences that spark learning, foster cultural immersion, and drive community betterment. Join us in discovering the world while making a positive impact.

Embark on an Educational Odyssey

Dive into a diverse array of educational service-learning trips that defy convention. From the awe-inspiring Mission to Mars in Arizona to the majestic allure of the Grand Canyon, each journey is a portal to new horizons, enriching your knowledge and personal growth.

Browse our trips: Browse Trips

Empowering Global Citizens

Beyond travel, we're on a mission to cultivate a new generation of responsible global citizens. With over 30 meticulously curated trips tailored to middle school, high school, and college students, our expeditions seamlessly blend local impact with global exploration.

Guiding Lights and Mentors

Our experienced guides are more than leaders; they're mentors illuminating your path of discovery. They create an environment where every moment is an opportunity for profound learning and self-reflection.

Unveil the Marvels of Marine Science

Journey into our Marine Science section, where a world of underwater marvels awaits. From vibrant coral reefs to vital marine conservation, these trips immerse you in the captivating realm of ocean exploration.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

Education transcends classrooms. That's why our trips blend immersive learning with hands-on service projects, directly impacting local communities. This synergy between learning, cultural understanding, and positive change is where true growth happens.

Connect with Us

Ready to embark on a journey that molds you into a compassionate global changemaker? Contact us today to dive deeper into our offerings, share your aspirations, and set forth on the path to creating a legacy of responsible change.

Join us at Appleseed Expeditions, where education, exploration, and empowerment intertwine to create a tapestry of lifelong learners and proactive world citizens. Your transformative journey starts now.

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