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Civil Rights, Alabama

Embark on a transformative educational journey with Leadership: An Appleseed Expedition," a collaboration that brings a unique blend of historical exploration and leadership development to students. Join us on "EmpowerED in Alabama," an immersive experience designed to not only educate about civil rights but also to cultivate leadership skills through meaningful action and reflection.

Sample Schedule

Day 1: Introduction to Civil Rights Legacy

  • Morning: Arrive in Montgomery, the heart of the civil rights movement. Visit the Rosa Parks Museum to explore the life and legacy of the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement."

  • Afternoon: Participate in a guided walking tour of downtown Montgomery, including the historic Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. served as pastor.

  • Evening: Appleseed Expedition's MetaReflection Session: Group reflection on the day's experiences and setting intentions for metaleadership growth.

Day 2: Selma - Bridge to Equality

  • Morning: Travel to Selma and walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the site of the infamous Bloody Sunday march. Engage in discussions about the courage of civil rights activists and the importance of peaceful protest.

  • Afternoon: Visit the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute to understand the struggles and triumphs of the Voting Rights Movement.

  • Evening: Collaboration Workshop: Group activity focused on effective communication and collaboration, drawing lessons from the historic marches.

Day 3: Birmingham - Turning Point for Justice

  • Morning: Explore the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to gain a comprehensive understanding of the city's role in the civil rights struggle.

  • Afternoon: MetaEngagement Session: Attend a workshop on nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience, drawing inspiration from the Birmingham Campaign.

  • Evening: Connect Event: Attend a community engagement event, connecting with local activists and leaders to discuss contemporary civil rights issues.

Day 4: Tuskegee - Education for Empowerment

  • Morning: Travel to Tuskegee to visit the Tuskegee Institute, emphasizing the role of education in empowering individuals and communities.

  • Afternoon: MetaLeadership Development Workshop: Engage in interactive workshops on leadership development, focusing on the principles of self-discipline, responsibility, and service.

  • Evening: Dialogue Circles: Small-group discussions on the intersection of education and civil rights, and how students can contribute to positive change.

Day 5: Closing Ceremony and Action Plans

  • Morning: Participate in a closing ceremony, reflecting on personal growth and insights gained during the trip.

  • Afternoon: MetaAction Planning Session: Work in small groups to develop action plans for implementing positive change within the local community.

  • Evening: Appleseed Celebration Dinner: Closing dinner and celebration, where participants share their commitments to fostering civil rights and social justice.

Post-Trip Support:

  • Provide Appleseed Expedition's MetaResource Kit: Resources for continued learning, including recommended readings, documentaries, and online courses.

  • Establish an online MetaCommunity: An online community for participants to share experiences, ideas, and initiatives.

  • Facilitate MetaFollow-Up Events: Facilitate follow-up events or webinars to check in on progress and provide ongoing support.

"MetaLeadership: An Appleseed Expedition - EmpowerED in Alabama" combines the rich history of civil rights with Appleseed Expeditions' expertise in experiential learning, fostering metaleadership skills that extend beyond the classroom, empowering students to become catalysts for positive change.

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