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Student trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Embarking on a transformative adventure, our educational school trips to Costa Rica are meticulously designed to ignite the passion and potential within every student. Through immersive experiences and hands-on learning, we inspire young minds to harness their unique gifts and talents as catalysts for positive change in the global community. This carefully curated journey blends cultural immersion, environmental education, and community engagement to create a profound and lasting impact on students' perspectives.


Sample Schedule

Day 1 – Arrival into San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Begin your journey with a warm welcome from our expert tour director, setting the stage for an extraordinary adventure ahead.

  • Embark on a picturesque journey to the enchanting town of La Fortuna, where the heart of Costa Rican culture and nature converge. 

Day 2 – Safari Float Trip

  • Immerse yourself in the symphony of the rainforest as you serenely float down a winding river, enveloped by lush flora and captivating wildlife. Discover More

  • Embark on an exhilarating hike up the volcanic trails of Arenal, unearthing the captivating narrative of lava flows and the Earth's geological history. Explore Arenal

Day 3 – Cultural Exchange and Community Engagement

  • Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of Costa Rican life through immersive cooking classes, skillfully crafting traditional dishes that mirror the diverse tapestry of local cuisine.

  • Rejuvenate in natural hot springs warmed by volcanic activity, offering a unique blend of relaxation and geothermal wonder. Hot Springs Delight

  • Create a meaningful impact by volunteering at a local school, fostering connections through vibrant interactive dance programs. 

Day 4 – Thrills and Nature's Beauty

  • Soar through the emerald canopy on a thrilling zip line adventure, capturing the exhilarating sensation of gliding among treetops. Experience Ziplining

  • Embrace your inner adventurer with the Tarzan Swing, a heart-pounding experience that pushes boundaries and nurtures courage. 

  • Embark on a breathtaking hike leading to the mesmerizing La Fortuna Waterfall, an ode to nature's power and beauty. Discover the Waterfall

Day 5 – Conservation and Culinary Delights:

  • Unveil the secrets behind Costa Rica's beloved chocolate and coffee through an immersive visit to a Chocolate Farm. Chocolate and Coffee Exploration

  • Embrace stewardship as you volunteer at a sloth preserve, contributing to the protection of these gentle creatures and their habitat. Sloth Sanctuary

  • Delight your senses in a captivating chocolate and coffee tour, tracing the journey from bean to cup while savoring regional flavors. Culinary Delights

Day 6 – Sarchi Cultural Center and Reflection:

  • Immerse yourself in the vivid colors and artisanal treasures of Sarchi's cultural market, a tribute to Costa Rica's rich artistic heritage. Sarchi Cultural Center

  • Reflect on your journey of discovery and growth, celebrating the bonds forged, lessons absorbed, and potential ignited during this transformative experience.

  • Depart with renewed purpose and a global perspective, ready to make a profound impact in your community and beyond.

Incorporating a harmonious blend of adventure, cultural immersion, conservation, and self-discovery, our educational school trip to Costa Rica nurtures students into empathetic, empowered, and globally conscious individuals. Join us on this extraordinary journey of education, inspiration, and transformation. Your adventure begins now. Explore our Language Section to enhance your journey even further.

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