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Prepare your students for an immersive and educational adventure in the stunning landscapes of Oregon. This unforgettable school trip will provide a hands-on exploration of the state's remarkable geological features, diverse coastal ecosystems, and the breathtaking beauty of its waterfalls.


Sample schedule

Day 1 - Introduction to Oregon's Geology

  • Arrive in Oregon and get acquainted with the local geography and geology.

  • Visit a local geological site or museum for an introductory lesson on stratovolcanoes and the region's volcanic history.

  • Evening group discussion on the importance of studying geology and its relevance to our environment.

Day 2 - Exploring Stratovolcanoes

Day 3 - Coastal Dune Habitats

Day 4 - Chasing Waterfalls

  • Visit some of Oregon's most iconic waterfalls, like Multnomah Falls or Silver Falls.

  • Hiking and photography sessions at waterfall sites to understand the geological processes behind their formation.

  • Discussions on the role of waterfalls in shaping landscapes and their significance in ecosystems.

Day 5 - Environmental Stewardship and Departure

This Oregon School Adventure promises not only an educational exploration of the state's natural wonders but also an opportunity for students to connect with nature and gain a greater understanding of their role in preserving these invaluable environments.

What's Included

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