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DIY: Finding the Perfect Hotel for Your School Trip to Washington, D.C.

The Challenge: Location and Safety

Traveling with a school group to Washington, D.C. presents unique challenges, chief among them is ensuring both safety and convenience. Finding the right hotel that meets specific criteria can make all the difference in your trip's success. Here are some expert tips to help you select the perfect hotel:

  1. Ample Accommodations for Large Groups: Look for hotels that offer a wide range of room options to comfortably house your entire group. Staybridge Suites, located in Largo, is an excellent choice, known for its spacious accommodations.

  2. Meeting Rooms for Group Activities: For workshops, gatherings, or educational sessions, make sure the hotel has dedicated meeting spaces. Consider Holiday Inn Express in Silver Spring, known for its versatile meeting facilities

  3. Complimentary Breakfast for All: Ensure the hotel provides complimentary breakfast for your group. A hotel like Fairfield Inn in Alexandria includes breakfast in their offerings.

  4. Proximity to the Washington Mall: Staying within 15 miles of the Washington Mall is crucial to avoid traffic congestion and ensure timely access to key sites. Locations like Hampton Inn in Glenarden offer convenience.

  5. Safety in Location: Prioritize hotels situated in safe neighborhoods. You can rely on recommendations from reputable travel sources and review platforms.

  6. Affordability: Keep your budget in check by seeking reasonably priced options. Consider choosing a hotel from well-known hotel chains, as they often offer competitive rates.

  7. Internal-Facing Rooms: Ensure that rooms face inward to enhance the safety of students. Internal-facing rooms are less accessible from the outside, offering an added layer of security.

  8. On-Site Security: Opt for hotels that provide on-site security personnel who patrol the premises regularly. The safety of your students is paramount.

  9. Communication in Emergencies: Establish a direct line of communication with the hotel staff. Ensure that they have your phone number on hand and can reach you immediately in case of emergencies.

  10. Reputation Matters: Research the hotel's reputation thoroughly. Online reviews and recommendations from trusted sources can provide valuable insights into the safety and quality of accommodations.

  11. Metro Accessibility for Small Groups: If you're traveling with a smaller group, consider hotels located along the metro line for added convenience. This makes commuting to various sites hassle-free.Remember, when planning your school trip to Washington, D.C., the choice of hotel is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact the overall experience. Prioritize safety, convenience, and affordability to ensure a successful and memorable trip. Here are the hotels we recommend:

Choosing the right hotel sets the stage for a fantastic educational journey in the nation's capital. Safe travels! If you would like the convenience of having Appleseed expeditions organize a trip for your group contact us at

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