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Prepare Your Students for an Adventure in Yellowstone: A Comprehensive Lesson Plan

Student Objectives:

  1. Learn About Yellowstone: Understand what makes Yellowstone National Park special, including its natural features.

  2. Discover Wildlife: Identify the different animals that live in Yellowstone.

  3. Create a Travel Journal: Make a journal with writings and pictures about your trip to Yellowstone.



  1. Introduction to Yellowstone: Show the class the video "Yellowstone Today." After watching, talk about what you learned about the park's environment and history.

  2. Trip: on your five-day trip to Yellowstone. You'll create a journal entry for each day.

  3. Journal Instructions: Your journal should be creative and include facts about the park. Each journal should have at least three pages and six pictures with captions.

  4. What to Include in Your Journal:

    • Where were you each day, and where did you sleep?

    • What animals did you see? Describe them and how they behaved.

    • What did the landscapes look like? What plants, trees, and features did you see?

    • Tell about the park's geology and any interesting natural features.

    • Mention safety precautions you took.

    • Describe any activities you did.

    • Share at least two interesting facts from each day.

Research: Use the internet and other resources to gather information for your journals. Here are some useful websites:

Sharing: When you finish, volunteers can read parts of their journals aloud. In groups, share your journals and pictures with your classmates.


Use this three-point rubric to see how well you did:

  • 3 points: You were very involved in discussions, and your journals were creative, clear, and met all the criteria, including at least six pictures with captions.

  • 2 points: You somewhat participated in discussions, and your journals were somewhat creative and met most of the criteria, with some pictures and captions.

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