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STEM ADVENTURES UNLEASHED: Bringing STEM to Life for Your Class!

  1. Nature Walk (Science)

  • Immerse students in the wonders of the natural world, exploring seasons and weather through captivating nature walks. Appleseed Expeditions offers tailored programs, ensuring a dynamic experience in understanding the environment's intricate dynamics.

  1. Visit a Zoo (Science)

  • Embark on a journey to the zoo, aquarium, farm, or pet store to observe live animals. Appleseed's STEM trips incorporate interactive sessions, allowing students to delve deeper into the science behind animal behavior and ecosystems.

  1. Farm, Farmers’ Market, Grocery Store (Science)

  • Appleseed's STEM adventures extend to pick-your-own farms, farmers' markets, and grocery stores, offering an immersive exploration of the science behind food production. Students gain firsthand insights into the farm-to-table process.

  1. Visit Different Environments – Tide Pools, Beach, Forest, Desert (Science)

  • Explore diverse ecosystems with Appleseed's STEM expertise. Whether it's tide pools, beaches, forests, or deserts, students engage in hands-on learning, surpassing textbook knowledge and embracing the complexities of natural environments.

  1. Garden (Science)

  • Cultivate curiosity with Appleseed's STEM garden tours. From local gardens to botanic wonders, students discover the science of plant life and cultivation, enriching their understanding of biodiversity.

  1. Science Museum (Science and Technology)

  • Appleseed's STEM trips include visits to science museums, offering expansive exhibits on science and technology. Tailor the experience to align with students' interests, ensuring an immersive exploration of STEM topics on a grand scale.

  1. TV or Radio Station (Technology)

  • Delve into the world of broadcasting with Appleseed's STEM trips to local TV or radio stations. Students inquire, observe, and gain insights into the technological processes that bring information into homes.

  1. Repair Shop (Technology)

  • Spark curiosity in technology by visiting repair shops with Appleseed's STEM adventures. Students explore the intricacies of tech repair, asking questions about tools, techniques, and the journey to becoming proficient in technology repair.

  1. Skyscraper (Engineering)

  • Elevate STEM learning by visiting skyscrapers with Appleseed's expertise. Marvel at architectural wonders, study designs, and appreciate the engineering vision that shapes iconic city skylines.

  1. Hardware, Mechanics, or Other Parts Store (Engineering)

  • Appleseed's STEM trips introduce aspiring engineers to the tools of the trade. Explore hardware, mechanics, or parts stores, inspiring students to understand the components crucial in building and repairing.

  1. Math Walk - Fibonacci Sequence (Math)

  • Appleseed's STEM adventures seamlessly blend nature and math exploration. From farmers' markets to outdoor settings, students engage with the Fibonacci sequence, linking mathematical concepts to the natural world.

  1. Grocery Store (Math)

  • Apply math skills in real-world settings with Appleseed's STEM programs. Students navigate grocery stores or farmers' markets, practicing currency handling and making purchases independently, with support nearby.

Embark on transformative STEM journeys with Appleseed Expeditions, where each adventure is crafted to turn learning into a dynamic, hands-on experience.

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