Start by choosing a specific trip with Appleseed Expeditions.  Appleseed offers more than 30 educational service-learning trips with thousands of activities, the options are endless!

  • Talk to a service-learning expert – Our expert program consultants provide one-on-one assistance every step of the way
  • Get an instant price quote on many of our trips – Put in your date, add-ons, and group size and voila, get an automatically generated price! Browse Tours!
  • Customize your service-learning trip –  We organize all your tour information, including your itinerary, payments, and more in one easily accessible digital space: your Tour Center on


We have taken care of all the arrangements, now it’s time to invite students to join your trip. We offer a number of resources to help you reach out to students and parents.

  • Trip promotion materials – We provide all the neccesary information for parent meetings and info sessions. We can send you posters, flyers, videos and more to get the word out about your tour.  We are also available via Skype to answer any questions.
  • Monthly payment plans – With automated monthly payment plans more of your students can afford to travel
  • Free spots for chaperones – With all those students you need some help! That’s why we offer one free trip for every 8 paying travelers on standard tours


Between the time you book and the time you travel, we offer a number of ways to prepare you for your upcoming Appleseed Adventure.

  • Take a free teachers preview training trip – New group leaders are invited to join a free training trip to Costa Rica and Yellowstone
  • Connect with experienced group leaders –  Contact some of the teachers who have traveled with Appleseed before to gain advice and resources as you prepare for your trip
  • Call us any time – If you need help with anything prior to your tour, just give us a call at 1.850.231.6926. We are here to answer any questions from the time you book your tour to the time you return home


Once you have your material and have prepared your parents and travelers, its time to enjoy your travels.

  • Expert trip managers – Our professional tour directors are fully trained in safety procedures and fluent in your destinations’ languages
  • 24/7 emergency service – We have emergency contact lines that are ready to field any emergency
  • Backup plans – Appleseed has a comprehensive backup plan if a change in your trip occurs