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Costa Rican Cultural Immersion: Serving Local Schools and Savoring Farm-to-Table Experiences

Join us on an extraordinary class immersion trip to Costa Rica, meticulously designed by Appleseed Expeditions, where students are not just travelers, but explorers of Latin culture.

Our journey transcends the ordinary; it's an exhilarating odyssey brimming with meaningful experiences such as serving local schools, engaging in cultural cooking classes, and delving into the captivating realm of farm-to-table practices. From crafting tortillas and sauces to harvesting sugar cane for juices, students are immersed in hands-on activities that deepen their appreciation for organic foods and their impact on our health.

Discover the heartbeat of Costa Rica's culinary scene through our exclusive Farm-to-Table Experience at Hacienda Guachipelin. Nestled amidst lush, sustainable farms, students bear witness to the artistry of organic agriculture firsthand. They'll stroll through fields teeming with vibrant produce, gaining insights into eco-conscious farming methods and even harvesting fresh ingredients for their own culinary creations.

In Latin culture, meals are not just about nourishment; they're vibrant celebrations of community and heritage. During our Appleseed Expeditions trip to Costa Rica, students actively engage in the age-old traditions of food cultivation, exploring the medicinal properties of local herbs, mastering the intricate craft of chocolate making, and extending their service to local schools.

Our mission is to foster Spanish immersion through a holistic approach that integrates gastronomy, language, dance, and community service, ensuring that each student embarks on a transformative and unforgettable journey of cultural discovery.

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