Inspiring a Passion to Serve our World

Appleseed Expeditions’ vision is to inspire students to create positive change in the world around them by using their education, talents and passions. This fosters a healthy, purposeful life proven in many studies.

See The Health Benefits of Volunteering by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Through our service-learning programs, students are educated about social, political, and environmental issues and learn how to incorporate their education and skills to improve conditions for people and environments. Upon return, they are more self-aware and empowered to make better-informed decisions and take meaningful action to generate positive change.

We take directional steps to plant seeds of a hopeful future in the lives of students. We teach them that they have a gift to give to the world through their education, talents and passions. Our approach empowers students by getting them personally involved so they can experience the positive effect they can make.


  • Step 1 – Expose students to new cultures and ecosystems
  • Step 2 – Teach students about the needs of communities and environments
  • Step 3 – Get students personally involved in positive change using their education and skills
  • Step 4 – Reflect on the day’s events through sharing experiences on how they made a difference, what it took to do it and how they felt afterwards
  • Step 5 – Share ideas on how they can make positive change back at home by discussing what the needs are and how they can help


“Words can not describe the satisfaction I had while with Appleseed Expeditions! My senior class went to Dominican Republic in January of 2015 and Appleseed helped take care of everything from A-Z. From transportation to housing and food. Their staff is friendly and helpful and it was because of their skills and hospitality that we were able to do as much work as we did that week while with them. Can’t say enough of how great this organization is!!!”

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