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Educational trip to Florida Everglades

Florida Eco-Tour

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Florida with our captivating Eco-Tour that takes you on an unforgettable expedition through the state's varied landscapes. From the mystical Everglades to the vibrant coral reefs, and encounters with gentle manatees, each leg of this journey weaves together a chapter in the captivating story of Florida's marine marvels.

Sample Schedule

Day 1 – Tampa Aquarium & Volunteering

  • Begin your odyssey with a heartwarming initiative, volunteering at a migrant children's center. Make a difference before diving into the enchanting world of marine life.

  • Experience wonder at the Tampa Aquarium, a portal into underwater realms teeming with aquatic wonders and educational exhibits.

Day 2 – Manatee Snorkeling & Kayak Exploration

  • Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Crystal River on a manatee snorkeling adventure. Connect with these gentle giants in their natural habitat, fostering an understanding of their crucial role.

  • Navigate pristine waterways through a kayak expedition that unveils the hidden beauty of spring tributaries.

Day 3 – Sea World STEM Adventure & Leisure

  • Immerse yourself in the Sea World STEM program, a captivating blend of science and entertainment. Explore marine biology concepts through engaging activities that ignite curiosity.

  • Savor leisure time within the park, reveling in the captivating attractions that make Sea World an educational playground for all ages.

Day 4 – Everglades Fossil Float & Myakka Hike

  • Traverse the remarkable Myakka State Park, an integral part of the Everglades Fossil Float. Witness the Everglades' raw beauty and encounter native wildlife in a pristine habitat.

  • Embark on a timeless canoe journey down the serene Peace River, unraveling the mysteries of prehistory through engaging fossil digs.

Day 5 – Coral Reef Snorkeling & Mangrove Kayaking

Day 6 – Conservation at Keys Wild Bird Sanctuary & Farewell

  • Extend your impact by volunteering at the Keys Wild Bird Sanctuary. Contribute to the protection of avian species and their natural habitats.

  • Bid adieu to this transformative journey, armed with memories and insights that bridge the gap between ecological understanding and personal connection.

Our Florida Eco-Tour promises an immersive experience that fosters a deep connection with the environment while nurturing a sense of stewardship for these precious ecosystems.

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